Don’t forget to pack your iPhone

6 Jun

Can you believe it’s already June?  Summer is just about here!  The school year is winding down, Father’s Day is fast approaching, summer vacations are being finalized and many of us have plans to be at the ballparks cheering on the “boys of summer”.

There probably aren’t many people who could go the entire summer without snapping hundreds of photos — there’s so much going on!  We wanted to make it possible for you to do more than just take plain old digital photos — we wanted to give you a way to really capture and share the experience of your first time at Fenway Park, or the college campus your daughter just received her degree from, or the beautiful white sand beach you’re sitting on watching your husband try surfing for the first time.

With EveryScape’s UScapeit iPhone app, available free from the app store, we can help you treasure those summer moments by taking a series of quick videos with your iPhone and turning the videos into groups of 360-degree panoramic photos — or “Scapes” as we like to call them — capturing the moment and the experience for you to share seamlessly on Facebook or by email.  We hope you take UScapeit along on all your summer adventures!


App updates

9 May

The excitement continues to grow for our UScapeit app. Last week, we released a new version of the app that addressed a few bugs that we discovered after the initial launch…Most of these bugs were related to uploading issues–so if you happened to have an upload failure with the 1.0 release of our app, make sure you download the latest release and try again!

After our new release went live in the app store, some of the powers that be at Apple took notice and promoted our app to one of the New and Noteworthy apps in the App Store as well as one of the “Top Free Apps” in the photography section.

Great news as now even more people can begin creating scapes of places that are important to them!  Great news seems to always be accompanied by small challenges as well–this week’s increase in app downloads has certainly tested our server capacity.  We’re aware that processing times have occasionally been slower than we’d like since this uptick in downloads and we’re continually adding capacity to ensure that you receive your finished scapes quickly.

We have some awesome new features in the works–but we want to hear from you!  What features would help you make the most out of your scapes?

Learnings from Launch

26 Apr

It’s been almost a week since we launched UScapeit at Where 2.0 and on iTunes.  Since then, thousands of users have successfully created scapes.  As we’d like even more users to have success creating scapes on UScapeit, we wanted to share some tips:

1. Rotate the camera in a full 360 degree circle, along its axis (you should be “orbiting” around the camera rather than the camera “orbiting” around you.)

2. This rotation should be slow and steady…A 40 second spin is ideal.

3. The more light you have, the more successful you’ll be.  Outdoors is a great place to attempt your first scape.

Check out this video to learn how the app works:

Have you created a scape yet? Have any tips for creating perfect scapes?

Welcome to UScapeit!

20 Apr

EveryScape has finally brought our award winning “streetview for the inside” technology to users.  We have been building immersive content for years for major high end resorts as well as local restaurants, spas, bars, museums, book stores, dentist offices—you name it, we have scaped it.  But we always dreamed of the day when anyone who is experiencing someplace or some event that is meaningful to them could capture that experience for themselves and share it with friends, family, or the world.  Launching today if you are an iOS user and downloaded our new UScapeit iPhone app you can do exactly that.

What you see today on UScapeit is just the beginning of EveryScape delivering on that vision.  Our first version is largely about panoramic photos, but over the next weeks and months you will see other new capabilities coming for the web and mobile versions, allowing you to create truly immersive experiences from these panoramic images and then share them seamlessly via email or post to your facebook page.  For examples of where we are going you can check out EveryScape Eats! on the web or in the app store.  Our mission is to provide you with the easiest and most compelling “experience creator” product in the world.  We hope you enjoy using UScapeit and as always we are committed to your success so please let us know how we are doing in our Fan Central page. If you have already downloaded the app then let Brian teach you how to use it in this video.  If not, check us out in the app store and join us on our great adventure to “Share your life and Scape the World”.

Happy Scaping!

Jim Schoonmaker

Welcome to UScapeit’s Official Blog

6 Apr

UScapeit is a fun and simple way to share your life…in 3D.
Take a quick video with your iPhone and we’ll transform it into a Scape, an immersive experience that your friends can explore online as though they were right there with you!

Scape Techniques from Brian T.

6 Apr