Five ways to capture your Father’s Day memories

17 Jun

This is YOUR day, Dads!  We hope you have plans to get out and play some golf, go to a game, and be king of the remote control. Whatever you have in store for the weekend, we’d love to see where you end up!   If you are already an iPhone user (a.k.a. “Cool dad”), or maybe a lucky dad who receives an iPhone or iPad 2 as a Father’s Day gift, you should download our free app, UScapeit.

Once you have the app downloaded, all you have to do is take a quick video with your iPhone, iPad 2 or iPod touch (check out the demo), upload the video via the app, and we’ll send you back a 360-degree image from the video you shot.

If you’re wondering what to scape, here are some ideas:

Don’t forget to share the image via Facebook or email, showing everyone how you spent Father’s Day.

We know Dads rock. You’re your son’s hero, and your daughter’s protector – until they turn 13 and then you are just SO embarrassing. But don’t worry, once they hit their twenties, you are back in their good graces.   So, we hope you enjoy YOUR day and capture the memories with Uscapeit!

Happy Father’s Day from EveryScape!


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