We’re not in Kansas anymore

10 Jun

Last week, less than an hour and a half from EveryScape’s office in Newton, Mass., a category EF-3 (or higher) tornado touched down in the city of Springfield, Mass.  Seeing the images of the devastation is heartbreaking to say the least.  Hundreds of families lost everything.  It was a grim reminder of how Mother Nature can strike when (and where) we least expect her.

The Mass. tornadoes, the Joplin tornado disaster, the Mississippi River flooding, the Arizona wildfires, and NOAA’s prediction for an above-average active Atlantic hurricane season, got us thinking how important it is to be prepared in an emergency situation.  Most people know the basics to have on hand should a disaster strike: water, canned goods, flashlight, blankets, matches, etc.  But how many of us have insurance information on our home and belongings ready to go should they be needed?

EveryScape’s UScapeit iPhone app gives you a quick, easy and free way to document each room of your house or apartment using your iPhone’s video capability.  You simply need to stand in the center of each room with your iPhone, and slowly rotate 360-degrees while recording – then upload the video via the UScapeIt app and we’ll send you back a 360-degree panoramic image of the room.  Watch our demo video for more help.

Once you have “Scaped” the rooms in your home, you should make corresponding lists of the contents in each room, or you can upload the images to services like DocuHome which lets you tag furniture and other belongings in the photos (like tagging friends on Facebook) to keep an organized list of contents and values.  By having the images and lists digital, whether emailed to trusted family members, or backed up online, you don’t have to worry about photos and papers being destroyed.

Your home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life, and Mother Nature could take it away within seconds.   Even if you’re a renter, your home is full of belongings that your renter’s insurance may be able to replace.  It’s vital that you keep updated records and images of your home’s contents somewhere safe, should an unforeseen disaster occur.  Using UScapeit on your iPhone as an insurance tool, will give you and your family one less thing to worry about when it comes time to rebuild.


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