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App updates

9 May

The excitement continues to grow for our UScapeit app. Last week, we released a new version of the app that addressed a few bugs that we discovered after the initial launch…Most of these bugs were related to uploading issues–so if you happened to have an upload failure with the 1.0 release of our app, make sure you download the latest release and try again!

After our new release went live in the app store, some of the powers that be at Apple took notice and promoted our app to one of the New and Noteworthy apps in the App Store as well as one of the “Top Free Apps” in the photography section.

Great news as now even more people can begin creating scapes of places that are important to them!  Great news seems to always be accompanied by small challenges as well–this week’s increase in app downloads has certainly tested our server capacity.  We’re aware that processing times have occasionally been slower than we’d like since this uptick in downloads and we’re continually adding capacity to ensure that you receive your finished scapes quickly.

We have some awesome new features in the works–but we want to hear from you!  What features would help you make the most out of your scapes?